The Jerk: Do the Debut

Well, the debut was a success. Out of 15 comics I bet 5 on my first try, mainly because two were idiots, one was a woman, one brought a fucking wooden dummy, and one was doing pedophile jokes.

I didn’t do well enough to pay $15 to buy a DVD of myself. I will however, turn the recording of the set that I did to time myself into a windows movie maker when I have time.

I’ve already signed up to make fun of women and stupid people all over Atlanta!

4 responses to “The Jerk: Do the Debut

  1. uh, women comics can be VERY funny. i was funny. sarah silverman is funny. and did you happen to see a little movie called Bridesmaids? careful there, jerk. careful. women can be dolts and retards, but we are just as funny as a guy.

    • Do I sound like a guy that would watch a movie called Bridesmaids?

      Well, I guess I’ll have to do more stand-up, hopefully next time you ladies should send one that is funny, haha.

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