The Jerk Debut

So, tonight the jerk is making his stand-up comedy debut at the Laughing Skull in downtown Atlanta.

I’ve had people ask me if I’m nervous, and my reply is, “I get to make fun of women for 5 minutes while people are forced to listen, I’ve prepared my whole life for this.”

I think they give you a private Youtube video that you can do with it how you see fit. So, if all things go well, and I don’t get boo’d off the stage by barbarian women, I’ll post it.

I’m going to be doing a nearly word for word telling of my blog about women being fucking liars. If you have anything you want to add about that let me know and if it makes it in time for my set, I’ll add it.

7 responses to “The Jerk Debut

  1. Good luck, you fucking jerk. I hope you got a million rip points – so many that your target needs therapy.

    Though I’m betting you’re no stranger to doing something for 5 minutes while women laugh at you. Boom! Roasted.

  2. good luck tonight. i did stand up for years and years (15) it’s hard and grueling and also can be a lot of fun. and you’ll pick up a lot of chicks, even with misogynistic material. sometimes that’s even better.

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