Why Women Don’t Know What the Hell They Want.

Why is that I hear nothing but women complain about the lack of nice guys in this world, but when I say, “I’m a nice guy, want to go out with me?” They fumble their words, and reject me like a nice guy.



Because your a nice guy, trying to pick up a girl. Truth is J, women don’t know what the hell they want, they think they do, but they don’t. A single women trying to pick a perfect guy is like an 600 pound person at an all you can eat Chinese restaurant trying to pick a healthy meal — they obviously have no idea what the hell is going on, and it’s only partially their fault.

"I want him to be nice to me, but not during sexy-time, I want... uh... a perfect body, but not cocky about it, that's gross, I want... um... him to have a lot of money, but he got it through being hardworking, I want him to be...erm a doctor, but he has to be home when the kids get home from school, I want him to have a pair of breasts and a vagina too. Thanks."

Watch any romance movie from the 50’s, 60’s, or 70’s all the women rave about is a nice guy, “If only I had a nice man, who treated me well. What a joy that would be.” As she lifts her finger and a little bird lands on it, tweets in her face and shits on her finger.

Now watch any movie in the 2000’s that involves sex. Women are bored with their boyfriends or husbands that don’t ravage them in bed or take control with passion and then assertively tell them how they feel. So, they struggle with cheating on their ‘nice guy’ boyfriend with ‘bad boy,’ and then ‘nice guy’ gets some balls and ravages her and all is well.

In the 50’s and 60’s movies didn’t show sex, so yes, their world was only about the interactions between men and women without using their genitals, but 2000’s movies show both, and women are pissed at the lack of assertive and passionate men. The interesting part is, that 2000’s women would be furious with the 50’s men’s lack of respect and modern understanding of women, but the 50’s women would LOVE 2000’s men, because they don’t actually have sex, but if they had sex, they’d be pissed.

"Is this the line for the Nice Guys, They say, 'Please,' during sex, forget it, I'll stick with George."

Keeping a woman pleased both in the bed room and in public is like balancing on a tight-rope with tigers, bears, and velicorapters below — one slip up in either direction and your fucked — for good.

So, what is a guy to do? Here is a pick your own adventure in the life of an everyday man, enjoy.

1) Your girlfriend/wife asks you, “What do you want to do tonight?”

"Should I be reasonable, or Bat-Shit crazy in my responses to his attempts to please me?"

  • A) “I don’t know, what do you want to do tonight?”
  • B) “I’ve already gotten reservations for this really nice sushi place.”
  • C) “I’ve been meaning to try this sushi place, you don’t like sushi? TOO BAD WE’RE GOING!”
  • D) “I’ve been meaning to try this sushi place, you don’t like sushi? Where would you like to go? You don’t know, that’s why you asked me? FUCK, YOU DON’T WANT SUSHI, BUT YOU DON’T KNOW WHERE TO GO, GOD!
  • E) “I’ve been meaning to try this sushi place, you don’t like sushi? Where would you like to go? You don’t know, that’s why you asked me? Lets go to Applebees. You don’t feel like going to Applebees? Lets cook here? You don’t feel like cooking here? Lets go to (insert really expensive place)? Great, lets do it!

1) Answer is E

  • E) “Yay! Expensive place I get to brag to my friends about



Truth is, women really want a man that acts like a man in difficult or confusing circumstances so they don’t have to act rationally or when genitals are involved. She also wants a man to act like a woman when she’s had a rough day or when ‘The Bachelor’ is on.  Good luck.

21 responses to “Why Women Don’t Know What the Hell They Want.

  1. The secret is this: A woman DOES know what she wants, but she feels guilty about it. She asks the man a question like the above so that when he gives an answer, she can shit all over it and bluntly guide him to what she wants. That way, she can feel offended by his suggestion instead of guilty about hers.

  2. I’d like to take exception with this, but I can’t (well, not totally.) A lot of us know exactly what we want, but we have been socialized to be accommodating. And we give lip service to wanting a “nice guy,” because we know we should want a nice guy. But secretly, we lust after the bad boys. Does it do any good to say that after enough accommodating, and after really experiencing the bad guy, we come to our senses?

    • Good thing most people don’t fall into simple categories like ‘nice guy’ or ‘bad boy,’ but a little of both.

      Well maybe we are all looking for the same thing after all: the person that will do sexy stuff to us when we are horny, and be nice to us when we have had a bad day.

  3. You know how Ludacris basically sums up what guys want in a girl: a lady in the street but a freak in the bed. Women want the same thing: a gentleman when you’re out showing him off to your friends, and a caveman who can throw you against a wall in the bedroom. Also, that whole “I don’t know, what do you want to do” makes me crazy. Guys, have a backup plan, because you never know when we’re going to go all hormonal on you and whip out that knife we keep in the utility draw. Just saying.

  4. We know what we want, it’s simple:
    1- Gentleman in public, beast in the bedroom.
    2- A wise man who will spoil me like a daddy’s girl.
    3- Intelligent and patient man who either knows the answer to everything or can fake it with such believable passion that I’ll buy into his answers.

    The above question? Easy answer: Always give a woman 2 options, the humble/romantic option or the Hollywood/romantic option. So, the man should offer a candle lit homemade dinner (don’t care if you can’t boil a hotdog make something) or the elegant restaurant dinner. She’ll decide based on her mood. See guys, it’s easy. Lol

      • I take pleasure in telling people “who know everything” and arguing a point passionately that they are wrong. Then goggling it and showing them they are wrong. Ignorance is infectious, the only cure is FACTS!

        Plus I don’t want or need to be spoilt like ‘daddy’s little girl.’ that’s what daddy is for. Not my partner. He’s suppose to provide me with what I NEED, food, shelter, sex. I’m suppose to be all nurturing, make the food taste nice, make the shelter a home, etc.

        The problem is not that women don’t know what they want, It’s that we can’t differentiate between what we want and need. We need a nice guy who won’t hurt us emotionally,Who’s polite to our friends and manages to sit in the same room as our mother with out killing her. We want the a**hole, who can’t help but tell your friend she’s being a twat and to stop crying over a jerk who obviously isn’t interested in her, and that won’t sit in the same room as your mother because he can’t help but tell her to shut the f**k up. He usually has more testosterone.

  5. Or (G) – sit on your hand for half an hour and then jerk off all over yourself and avoid having to even waste the time increasing your stress over something trivial and unimportant like where to eat . Plus your at least getting what you wanted in the first place .

    And you didn’t have to throw a burger down her throat to get off .

  6. Hmm. Interesting. Perhaps this is more about “feeler” types of women. As a rational thinking type I don’t make it into such a big deal. I normally respond: “I’m not sure. You know I suck at making decisions. Start naming restaurants or food categories and I’ll choose the one I like best.” It’s usually Indian, sushi or Mexican, or pasta. I’m not the pickiest but don’t take me to “fresh Mexican grills”. If I’m eating Mexican I want it to be as unhealthy and cheesy and greasy as possible. The restaurant should have pinatas hanging up and be named after someone’s grandmother. I don’t do super expensive restaurants either. Sometimes splurging is alright but I hate to waste money. Unless the steak is going to do a magic trick for me and bring me a diamond necklace I’m not about to pay $80 for it. I could buy 4 used games or DVDs for that much. Come on now.

    On a side note, I like nerdy, shy guys who aren’t great at talking to girls. Girls usually think they’re adorable but friend zone them immediately because they are so passive and don’t challenge them like the bad boy or ladies man, but I like that about them. A guy in my speech class in college said that he was a pretty boring guy and just liked being at home and playing video games and sometimes riding his bike around. He later gave a speech about how the proton was the best atomic particle. He made my heart melt. Too bad I am also too shy to try to talk to my dream boys.

    • If you don’t at least talk to him, he may never have the courage to ask you out. We are loaded down with so many stimuli flung at us on a day to day basis, which girl is actually interested in us, is something we need to know.

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