The Jerk hasn’t gotten any worth while questions from the world. Blog people ask me whatever question you want to know, but are afraid to ask. So, until then I have nothing to say, except:

Farts are anus jazz.

2 responses to “Farts.

  1. I’ve got one, courtesy of something said in a comment on my blog: guys are sometimes intimidated by smart, strong, sexy women. That’s why they don’t approach us or don’t seem interested. I happen to believe that this is often just an excuse to make ourselves feel better about not getting the attention we think we deserve. Discuss.

  2. Since I can’t find an about page, I’m posting this under one of my favorite topic headings. Farts and anus jazz. I nominated your blog for an award in my post today. This seems like something that will get me unfollowed by you, but your blog cracks me up, so I’m risking jerk scorn today.

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